After a year in development, The ACIM App is finally available!

My name is Greg Kimura and I have been reading and practicing A Course in Miracles for the last few years. Last year my mother went to the AT&T store and asked for the cheapest phone that they had. The salesperson held up a shiny old iPhone 3gs and said:

“This one is only 1$!”

He neglected to tell her about the $20/month fee and she signed all the papers and left with the shiny old iPhone–on my cell phone bill.

No biggie. If my 80-something Mom wants an iPhone, I’m willing to pay for it. I’d been avoiding smartphones myself, not wanting to get hooked into yet another piece of technology, but after a few weeks, she said: “You know what? I’m not really using this much. I just want a regular phone. You want to switch?”

“Sure, Mom.”

So we switched. And I loved it! Being a practitioner of The Course, I immediately bought the existing Apps and loved those too. They were and are wonderful works of love.

But I wanted a little more. I wanted all the books in one place. I wanted to have adjustable font sizes. I wanted to be able to write and record my own custom affirmations and notes, but I also wanted to have beautiful reminders that chimed at adjustable intervals throughout the day so I could remember. So I could touch that sacred space amidst the hustle and bustle; so I could really practice throughout my day, the Course’s teachings.

I teamed up with an old developer friend from Sun Microsystems, Isa, an college designer friend, Claire, a new musician friend, Herb, who creates sounds. Together we created The ACIM App.

My hope is that it brings more joy, peace and love to your life and to the lives of those around you!

Which leaves me to this blog, which my friend, Leslie, pointed out was conspicuously empty.

What I’d like to do is just occasionally comment and review my lessons of the day. My hope is that it will help me focus more deeply on the teachings, and maybe provide some useful ideas for you as well.

And so with that intro . . .

Lesson 177
God is but Love, and therefore so am I.
(163) There is no death. The Son of God is free.
God is but Love, and therefore so am I.
(164) Now are we one with Him Who is our Source.
God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

I usually don’t go back and read the old lessons on these review lessons, but today I did. A couple of powerful lines stuck with me:

163: “. . . Death is a thought that takes on many forms, often unrecognized. It may appear as sadness, fear, anxiety or doubt; as anger, faithlessness and lack of trust; concern for bodies, envy, and all forms in which the wish to be as you are not may come to tempt you. All such thoughts are but reflections of the worshipping of death as savior and as giver of release.”

Whoa. You mean all that complaining about how slow a website loads, all that anger about a miss-hit tennis stroke, all that worry about whether or not that lunch gave me a stomach ache is a thought about . . . death? Gulp.

A lot of times I don’t understand everything in the Course. In those cases I just try to follow the principles and see what happens. For this lesson, for this day, why not release that complaint, that anger, that worry? Why not do it and see what happens. I suspect I’ll feel a lot better. I’ll more room for other more positive things to come in. Like miracles!

The second quote:

164: “Open the curtain in your practicing by merely letting go all things you think you want. Your trifling treasures put away, and leave a clean and open space within your mind where Christ can come, and offer you the treasure of salvation.”

Well, there are a lot of things I want, that’s for sure! But the Course says to let them go. To create a clean and open space in my mind so that Christ, the Holy Spirit, God–whatever holy name you choose to invited the Divine–can bring peace and wholeness into your heart.

And so the two lessons come together: Release those death thoughts! Let of all the things you think you want!

And so a custom affirmation.

Love and Blessings,


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