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Community, I believe, is one of the things necessary for a deeply fulfilling life. Having community as you walk the path of ACIM can be a great comfort and joy. In this world it is so important to feel welcomed, heard, valued and encouraged. This happens when two or more gather together in the presence of the divine to share generously, and receive graciously, each other’s thoughts, stories, ideas and experiences.

This is not to say every community experience will be perfect. All communities have the occasional issues of ego, rigidness, boredom and sloth. In fact, sometimes being in a group is a way to practice the principles of the Course as much as sharing in the path! The key, as our good friend Marianne Williamson says, is to Return to Love

Here are some general guidelines for being a great member of a group:

Let your words and actions be guided by love and compassion. Speak with the lips of your inner divinity. Listen with the ears of your Holy Spirit.
The Course is a path, not a destination. Everyone has their own specific path designed for them and they need to go through all their experiences to help them grow. We may not understand or agree their choices, but our purpose is not to judge, but to love.
Have fun. Laugh!
Allow time for people to share their stories.
Be patient. Be kind. Be love.
Stay with this Course principle: If a thought doesn’t come from love, if an idea is not of forgiveness, move on.

To find a list of study groups in your area, go to the ACIM Resources page

If you would like to participate in a virtual groups through email or a google group. Send me your address . This is an experiment, and I don’t know exactly how it will work out, but with The Source’s guidance, we’ll all figure it out together!

If you have any constructive thoughts about groups, or if you are in a group yourself, we would love to hear from you what works and doesn’t work. Leave a comment or email me directly.

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