Name of God

I have been having a sublime time with my last two lessons:

183: I call upon God’s name and upon my own:
184: The name of God is my inheritance.

God has a name? Names are symbols we use to describe our reality. But how can you describe the the Ultimate Reality with words? God can be experienced and lived, but words can never describe the totality of that experience. On the other hand, as humans, sometimes all we have to call upon Him are our words!

These two lessons teach us how, in this body and in this life, to use what we have–words–to call God to us.

At my ACIM study group this week I asked everyone in the circle what words they used to call upon God. Some used Holy Spirit, Universe, Source, some used Jesus and God. One young man recited a list: “Vishnu, Allah, Mary, Jesus, Krishna, Big Love, Universe. But,” he said, “I usually use Jesus or Universe.”

Another group attendee said, “In India we have hundreds of deities. So you can pick any one of the names that open you to the experience of the Divine.”

The truth is that it doesn’t matter what name you use. Whatever name opens your heart to the love of God is a terrific name. And when The ACIM App chimes every half hour with one of Herb’s (our sound designer) lovely sounds, I set aside the world, for a moment, and enter God’s eternal love. It makes the day . . . sublime!

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