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195: Love is the way I walk in gratitude.

I’ve been having a hard time finding gratitude lately. I have much to be grateful for, and yet I find myself frequently falling off the wagon of gratitude and wallowing in the dust of moroseness and irritation.

Well that’s a heckofa choice!  :^)

But, as so often happens with ACIM, we end up reading exactly the message we need. Here was another sentence in today’s reading that struck me:

“We thank our Father for one thing alone; that we are separate from no living thing, and therefore one with Him.”

We are separate from no living thing. Oneness! We are all One. And, we are one with Him. So every living thing can be a source of love if we see it as such. What a blessing! (And practice!)

Another quote:

” . . gratitude is but an aspect of the Love which is the Source of all creation.”

I am a big believer in love. Love is how I want to walk in the world. So I reversed today’s affirmation:

“Gratitude is the way I walk in Love.”

That is how I will walk through this day!

Then I meditated. And I finished my meditation with this practice. I laughed.  I just opened up the heart and mind, and allowed mirth to enter in. It wasn’t a huge long belly laugh–people were still sleeping–but a light sincere laugh that filled my mind and body. Suddenly, light entered, and joy–and gratitude.

Try it and let me know how it works for you!