The ACIM App Users Guide

The ACIM App Quick Start

Allocate 10-30 minutes in the morning and start this routine:

  • Read some Text. Tap the Text icon in the tab bar at the bottom of the screen:

    Then tap on a chapter, then on a section. Try navigating there now. To return here, tap the Home icon on the tab bar. If mornings don’t work for you on this step, do it later.

  • Read your lesson for the day. Tap the Workbook icon in the tab bar. Scroll to the desired lesson in the Table of Contents & tap it.
  • Write your lesson affirmation. If the page controls are not already up, tap the screen. Then, tap the Notes & Affirmation icon.

    Tap in the notepad and write, in your own words, the thought, action or idea you will practice today. You can also simply enter the lesson title.

  • Record your affirmation. This internalizes the teaching in your voice and body. Tap the red dot and in a strong positive voice read your affirmation. The red dot turns into a red square during recording. Tap it to stop recording. Tap the black triangle to play it back. If you are not satisfied with your recording, tap the Trash Can icon and repeat the steps above.
  • Create reminders for the day. The power of affirmations grows when you practice throughout your day. Tap the Manage Reminders button to bring up the Reminders List screen. Tap the ‘Reminders for’ row to set or change the day’s lesson. Tap the Plus (+) icon to create a reminder.”

    Select a Reminder Sound & Start time. If desired set Repeat interval and End Repeat time. Be sure to set the AM or PM. Tap Save to create the reminder.

    Tap the ON/OFF switch to activate the reminder. If you change your affirmation, you must toggle the ON/OFF switch to display the new affirmation.

  • Sit in silence and follow the practice as described in the lesson. Finish your sitting with a short prayer and repeat the affirmation.
  • When reminders go off, meditate on your affirmation for a breath or two–longer if you can. Really feel it. Affirmations become powerful when repeated with a full heart and conviction.
  • Enjoy your day!

Some prefer to read & make notes in a real book. This is fine. Use the App to write affirmations, set reminders, & read when the book is not available.


To access page controls, tap on the Workbook, Text or Teachers content screen:

Tap the Previous Screen icon (golden triangle at the top left corner) to go to the previous screen, i.e., the TOC.

Notes and Affirmations

Tap Workbook, Text, or Manual for Teachers content screen then Notes & Affirmations icon.

To Make a Written Note or Affirmation:

Tap text box to bring up the keyboard.

To Record Affirmations (Workbook Only):

Tap Notes & Affirmations icon. Tap Red Dot to record; Red Square to stop recording; Black Triangle to playback; Trash Can to delete recording.

To Lengthen Recording Time limit:

The default recording time limit is 20 seconds. To expand this limit tap Settings > Audio Recording > Recording Time Limit.

To return to the Workbook tap the Previous Screen icon (golden triangle at the top left corner).
To back up your notes see this Apple support page.

Notes/Affirmations Tips, Notes, and Limitations

  • Audio recordings are not available for the Text or Manual for Teachers.
  • If you change your affirmation AFTER you’ve turned ON the reminders for that lesson, the popup displays the OLD affirmation text. To display the NEW affirmation text, turn the reminders OFF, then ON.
  • To select a paragraph of text, select a single word, then drag the blue bubble to the bottom of the paragraph.



Tap Settings > Reminders > Manage Reminders:

To change reminder lesson number: Turn OFF all reminders, tap lesson number, select lesson, turn reminders ON.

To add a reminder tap plus (+):

To change sound: Tap Sound

To set start time: Tap Start

To create a repeating reminder: Tap Repeat.

To edit a reminder: Tap Edit, then tap the reminder to edit.

To activate a reminder: Tap the ON switch. A popup and sound will occur at the specified times.

To deactivate a reminder: Tap on the OFF switch. No popups will appear.

Reminder Tips, Notes and Limitations

  • Reminders are only valid for the current day. You can’t set reminders for tomorrow.
  • The reminder start or end time must be after the current time to activate (ON). Example: You can’t set a reminder for 1:00PM at 1:05PM.
  • No more than 64 reminders can be set in a day. Repeating reminders do not count as 1.
  • Reminders are only available for the Workbook–not for Text or Teachers Manual.
  • iPad does not support “Vibration Only.”
  • If you want the pop-up reminder instead of the banner go to Settings > Notifications > The ACIM App > Alert Style and select Alerts.


The red badge on Workbook is the last lesson visited.

At this time we don’t have bookmarks. One good way to mark where you stopped reading the Text is to write the chapter, section, and paragraph number in your smartphone Notes App. Example: Chapter 5, Section 7, Paragraph 3, or 5.7.3.

To switch between TOC and content screen: Tap Workbook/Text/Teacher.

To increase/decrease font size: Tap screen to bring up page controls. Tap the large “A.” A+ increases size. A- decreases size.

To disable/enable Page Swiping: Tap Settings > Gestures & Controls.

To show/hide Page Controls by default: Tap Settings > Gestures & Controls.

Email us if you have questions or problems on The ACIM App.

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